Our vision is to uplift the livelihood of the indigenous woman of the northern sector of Ghana by advocating for fair trade practice and adding value to our Shea nut.

The Rufinest is a local company located in the northern part of Ghana that is engaged in the processing of organic Shea butter creams, lotions and soaps for a natural healthy skin. Rufinest offers the greatest potential for increasing incomes, reducing gender and development inequalities and ensuring inclusive growth among women in the northern part of Ghana.

Economic empowerment is central to women’s ability to overcome poverty, cope with shocks and improve their well-being. When women realize their economic goals, whether growing a business, improving their home or investing in training or education, they’re more resilient and able to provide for themselves and their families. Yet, globally, women continue to trail men in formal labor force participation, land and property ownership, and access to financial services, like credit and savings.

Rufinest use tailored approaches to reach women and to help them address and overcome the multiple obstacles that can leave women trapped in poverty. We use Interventions including the formation of savings and lending groups and income-generating activities through the Shea butter production help women realize their financial goals and overcome persistent, gender-based barriers. As resourceful business women can take control of their future and support their families and communities.

Shea butter is one of the world’s most sustainable natural resources. The shea trees grow naturally in the grasslands of west and central Africa and do not need any irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides. Shea trees produce an abundance of fruit without the need for fertilizers. Because they are native to the West African savanna and are not grown in dense plantations, pests are also not a problem. Thus, there is no need for toxic pesticides. Shea trees are adapted to the savanna environment and do not need to be irrigated. They are also resistant to the fires that sweep through the savannas every dry season. Shea trees are wild, and are not grown in plantations. Efforts to start shea plantations have failed for two reasons. First, shea trees do not germinate easily and have not been viable in plantation settings. Second, it takes at least 25 years for a shea tree to produce large numbers of fruits. For these reasons, there are no shea tree plantations, and shea butter remains a wild product. Purchasing unrefined shea butter helps keep this natural resource sustainable. RufInest adopt safest harvest method to prevent any possible dangers to this wild plant.

At Rufinest we ensure our women carefully select the best nut in order to produce the highest quality of Shea butter under the strictest hygienic condition without the Shea nut losing it natural ingredients. We believe in quality so we strive to give our customers the best quality ever possible.

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